Radouš Kočí Memorial

Year of unveiling

Person/persons/event to whom the monument is dedicated

Czechoslovak Border Guard


České Žleby, close to the Soumarský bridge road – České Žleby

Location in relation to the surroundings

The memorial is close to the site where the Czechoslovak Border Guard and group of Josef Hasil shooting took place. During the incident the Border Guard soldier Radouš Kočí was shot to death and another soldier František Háva was heavily injured. Josef Hasil sucesfully escaped to Bavaria. During the next attempt to cross the border his brother Bohumil Hasil was shot to death. During the trials the Communist regime sentenced 96 people.

Text of the inscription

On the memorial is the inscription in the Czech language:

Zde padl při ochraně státní hranice / ml. stržm. SNB RUDOUŠ KOČÍ / *14.2.1930 †7.12.1949 / ČEST JEHO PAMÁTCE

(Here he fell to protect the state border sergeant Natonal Security Corps Rudouš Kočí *14.2.1930 †7.12.1949 / Honor of his memory)

General description

The memorial consist of granite stone on which the black plate with the inscription. The dimension is  approx 1 m x 0,5 m



The circumstances of unveiling

The memorial was unveiled during the communist period as the glorification of the member of the Border Guard soldier, who was killed during the shooting incident with the group of CIC courier Josef Hasil on 7 December 1949.

Later history

The members of the Club of the Czech Frontier (NGO), some of them former members of the Communist Border Guard, organise commemoration events here. The district cuncil of the Club is named after Radouš Kočí. The plase is also visited by the people who are interested in biography of successful courier Josef Hasil. Since half of the 1950t`s Hasil lives in the USA.

Contemporary importance


Stožec, Jihočeský kraj.
Czechy ,384 51