About the project

The website you are currently on contains descriptions of selected monuments. They present the circumstances of the creation of these objects and information on how they are perceived by the local community.

The monuments come from four countries: Poland, Czech Republic, Slovakia and Romania. To see the monuments from a particular country, click on the flag icon of that country on the home page (they are located on the bar at the bottom of the screen) - or use the map of Europe, which appears in the middle of the screen, to go to the region of your choice using the markers displayed on the map.

The information content is provided in five languages: English, Czech, Polish, Slovak and Romanian.


Important remark

Description of each monument is provided in English and the national language of the country where it is/was located (for example: monuments from Poland are provided in English and Polish).

When searching for descriptions of monuments from a given country, please make sure that you have previously chosen English or the language of the country in which the objects you are looking for are located. For example, the site will not display descriptions of monuments from Romania if a language other than English or Romanian is selected.